Welcome to Lasergarden

Our parent company, ARTBASIC s.r.o. has been present in the field of industrial automation since 2012 and during this we’ve become long-term partners of several major companies, such as Knorr Bremse or Bombardier. Laser cutting is one of the new services we provide to both industrial and design users.

Versatile expertise

thanks to this, you can count on us not only in the execution, but in the whole task, even in concept creation.


our main criterion is accuracy and the real mapping of the needs of our clients. Our fault tolerance level is zero!


Extensive services

Extensive services

it is possible to manage several processes through us, so you can perform the most important production steps in one place.


we keep our promises, we stick to agreements.

Business Confidentiality

No plans or information leak out from us.

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