Tired of the simple minimalist lamps you get at your local store? Contact us and you will be able to see our lamp collection or, if you have your own idea, write to us by e-mail, and our staff will help you almost immediately to make your idea not only imagination but also reality by making it.

In every store, you will find only the simple skirting boards, except with us, because here you will not find the usual simple skirting boards, but you can get strips with motifs to make your home unique and beautiful. you can choose from more than 50 patterns directly in our webshop, or if you have not found the pattern you like, contact us and our staff will help you almost immediately make your idea a reality as soon as possible.

From production to construction, we can help you make your spiral staircase better than anyone’s, please contact us and we will help you in every way to get your spiral staircase in the imagined place as soon as possible.

Make your simple lamp more designer, with our lamp stuccos. with this accessory, you can make your home even more unique and artistic.
More than 50 patterns but you can always get in touch with us if you didn’t find the pattern you like.

Use our lamella fences, which can be assembled easily and quickly, and at the same time provide a lavish look due to the motifs cut into them. Remember, if you have not found a motif that suits your liking, please contact us to make your idea a reality as soon as possible.

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